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  • Treat Migraine

    Which natural remedies can we use to treat migraine and headaches? Recently, interest towards natural and herbal medicine is increasing. More people prefer to consult naturopaths before deciding on which treatment to choose for stabilising their health. Growing demand for natural vitamins and supplements has led to increased research in the field. Some research promotes herbal treatments for migra...

  • Lets welcome summer

    Our mind and body might be tired after long and reasonably grey autumn and spring. Nevertheless we are already welcoming spring and willing to prepare ourselves for summer! Usual spring trends awaken desire to start fitness or sport programs or try out new diet. Temptation to look astonishing for summer holidays very often harms our body due to lack of attention to balanced nutrition. After hard w...

  • Heal Your eyes

    We can not imagine our life without a computer screen and smartphone. Our professional life closely connected to work in front of the computer. Such a lifestyle can be harmful for our eyes. Do you often feel that your eyes are tired or over dry? You can help your eyes to stay healthy by adding vitamin A and Omega3 in to your regular diet. Nevertheless vitamin A is hard absorbable, to help it to be...

  • Staying active and creative advices

    You would like to be active and creative the whole day? Every day!  It is easy if you know what to eat. Healthy diet is important for everyone.  Our breakfast is the most important meal during the day. Eating milk products can give you required concentration of Vitamin B12, A and E, also calcium for proper function of muscles, and what is important vitamin B2 which helps to energy exchan...

  • Organic sales predicted to hit £2bn in 2016

    Leading organic businesses expect the organic market to grow steadily through 2015 with the prospect that sales will break through the £2 billion barrier in 2016.* According to surveys conducted in early 2015 by the Soil Association, 76% of wholesalers, 67% of independent retailers and 63% of leading organic brands anticipate increased sales in 2015. The picture for the major multiples is mo...

  • Butternut Squash Health Benefits and More

    Butternut Squash Is Good For… Eating as a side dish cubed or mashed, as a soup, as an addition to baked goods, as a stuffed main dish. Try mixing butternut squash with other vegetables, grains, pasta, or quinoa. Nutrition Composition of Butternut Squash Butternut squash is high in fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids (especially beta-carotene), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, ...

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